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Asse II

Information Learning from experience

The 25th edition of “Insights Into the Asse Mine” provides information about current works and looks back on the search for a repository

Asse Einblicke 25

Learning from experience – that applies to both the restart of the nation-wide search for a repository for high-level radioactive waste and for the works currently being carried out at the Asse II min. The journalist Joachim Wille has been dealing with the topic of nuclear policy for years. For “Insights Into the Asse Mine”, he looks back and shows what needs to be observed when the search for a radioactive waste repository is restarted and what can be learnt from the past. Even if the public sometimes does not notice: Works inside the mountain continue. Read more about the current status of works relating to the Trial Phase (fact-finding), the recovery shaft and the search for a site for the interim storage facility.

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Basics The mine

Geology and stability problems

The Asse mine being a salt mine, it was not intended right from the start to use it as a repository for radioactive waste. The original goal was to exploit the salt deposit in the Asse as effectively as possible. In doing so, chambers were mined that reach up to the outermost edge of the salt layer. The reason for this being a problem for the stability of the mine can be recognised by having a look at the Asse's geology.

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Decommissioning concept for the Asse repository

Fragen und Antworten zur Stilllegung des Endlagers Asse


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